Why You Should Get Other Adults to Parent for You

We all try to encourage, guide, and nudge our kids, with the hopes of them becoming great adults. We try to get better at knowing what to say and when to say it. Then your version of something like this happens. You’ve been telling her

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5 Great Ways to Treat Your Wife Like a Stranger

My wife and I got into an argument while on vacation, no less! Mid-dispute, we had to stop to meet our friends in the hotel lobby. As we were getting on the elevator, so was a woman struggling with a baby and enough baby paraphernalia

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Can Positive Illusion Help Your Marriage

Can Positive Illusion Help Your Marriage?

While I think we are all complicated people, I don’t think how we love is always as complicated; it’s just not always easy. I think the more accurate description is this: Marriage is so close. When we get married, everything about you and everything about

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4 Key Types of People Your Marriage Needs

I’ve heard from so many guys that once they got married, they stopped spending time with anyone other than their wives. There seems to be a common misconception that once you are married, the only relationship that matters is the one with your wife, and

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