spending quality time with spouse

3 Ways to Get Alone Time With Your Wife

After speaking at a date night event, a couple shared with me how much they enjoyed the night, and that they hadn’t been on a date since their son was born! Their son was 38 years old! OK, I’m exaggerating, but only by 30 years.

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How to Run From the 4 Big, Bad Bears of Marriage

I recently overheard a couple arguing in Walmart about the important issue of—wait for it—what brand of allergy medicine to purchase. It was less of an argument and more of the husband’s frustrated monologue. While what brand of allergy medicine to choose is no big

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5 Granddad Traits Dads Should Rip Off

Most grandparents love that all they must do is love their grandchildren—then give them back. So I was surprised when I heard a grandfather express something different. He said, “I wish my children could have experienced the man I am now,” to which I immediately

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4 Tips When Your Child Misbehaves in Front of Others

While vacationing with family friends, our toddler had a meltdown on the beach. The volume of his come-apart was louder than the ocean and elicited stares from everyone in the tri-state area. We were embarrassed and didn’t handle it the way we had previously decided

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