3 Amazing Marital Takeaways From ‘The Amazing Race’

In case you aren’t familiar, The Amazing Race is a worldwide competition packed with mental and physical challenges in diverse cultures. It is also a ride of emotions, and couples must work together to be successful. Nancie and I find ourselves rooting for some couples

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4 Questions to Help You Value Yourself

I’m a speaker and writer. No matter the size of the audience or the amount of book sales, my kids could NOT care less. The only thing they like about my speaking is that they sometimes travel with me, experiencing all the luxuries that come

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How to Be Amazed by Your Kids

For some reason, I have the compulsion to overanalyze everything. I blame it largely on Amazon. Recently, I just wanted to order a new pair of running shoes. But, like always, I waded first through the results, and then all the other categories—highly rated, more

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